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Council for Educational Travel, USA

CETUSA is dedicated to the mission of "reaching out to encourage a lifelong journey of global peace and understanding." We support this mission through the implementation of exchange programs for high school students - both American and international - and trainee and internship programs for university students/young professionals. This blog space is meant to continue the conversation on the value of education through experience - more specifically the experience of study abroad. There will be guest blogs here as well as announcements of resources for students, parents and teachers to learn more about study abroad and the global perspective.

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Student of the Week (7.11.16): Kathrin from Germany!

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Kathrin from Germany

Our student Kathrin has really made this host family proud!  Our family owns and operates one of Texarkana’s radio stations.  We are busy with school games, festivals, new business openings, celebrations, city functions, AND are Texas Rangers faithful fans!  She has had many accomplishments and adventures in her time here; she attended her first Ranger game and wore her Texas straw hat, went to Homecoming, and went to Prom with her host brother. She also placed 2nd in an art competition and was awarded “Show Award” that included a cash prize for her art, which was a dress constructed of paper! It is now out on public display for all to admire. It has been a great experience to see this one blossom as she has and is our “Yellow Rose of Texas”. Thank you Kathrin, and all the best to you.


Growing Our Family One Country at a Time!

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Hosting kids from around the world has changed our family as well as each family member. I tell other families thinking about hosting how my kids are different than their friends in regards to how they accept others and their opinions. I think having someone from another country, culture, way of life become part of our family for 10 months taught them that. The more times we hosted the more we learned to adapt and accept them for who you they are.

We have also gained a greater appreciation for the area we live in as we were able to see it through their eyes. Each one saw and loved different things about our neighborhood, region and state.

It has been the most exciting and enriching experience. We now have family that extends across the globe. We love it!!!

– Jennifer Eames – Riverton, Utah

Please, Stay in Touch!

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Travel Destinations Image

When you have an exchange student they become part of your family.  As a father, you even get the same “fatherly” type feelings that come naturally.  You have a natural desire to protect them and always look out for them.  They really become one of your own.  Then you take them to the airport one day, say goodbye, and send them home. It rips your heart out.  The time you get to spend with them though, is so worth it.  Tonight we sent our Valentina home.  The only regret I can think of with her is that we didn’t have her for longer.  We had her brother two years ago too.  Wonderful kids that I’m very thankful to be able to say are a part of my life.  Their parents should be very proud.  They did a great job raising them.  We now have kids all over the world, and we’re blessed to know them all.

So, to our kids in Brazil, Norway, South Korea, Vietnam, and anyone I might have missed…thank you for the memories, and, please, stay in touch.

What a great program, I feel truly blessed!

CETUSA Host Parent

Fremont, Michigan

CETUSA Students of the Week (4/4/16)

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Mia and Clarissa Student of the Week 4-4-16

CETUSA has TWO students we are honoring with Student of the Week this week: Mia from Denmark and Clarissa from Brazil.

Mia and Clarissa are quite funny and talented.  They are great at making friends, participate in activities with family and other students, and show appreciation by cooking and cleaning.  They are true family and we love them dearly.

It was so amazing from the beginning how they were true sisters; sticking their feet in each other’s faces, finishing each other’s sentences, and supporting each other.  Strangers would even ask if they were twins!  They give us so much love and joy as well.  They are extremely appreciative, loving, thoughtful and respectful to our entire family.

Mia and Clarissa have been so loving, warm, and welcoming to all the many students that have come in and out of our home. We have had both boys and girls from several countries stay with us.  Cultures, personalities, English abilities, etc. did not matter, they welcomed and treated them all like family.

I am so proud of both of them.  They show the true meaning of acceptance and diversity – what this program is all about.  They also both made the honor roll with a 4.0 GPA for the first semester!  Congratulations Mia and Clarissa, we will love you always.

– CETUSA Host Parent