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Council for Educational Travel, USA

CETUSA is dedicated to the mission of "reaching out to encourage a lifelong journey of global peace and understanding." We support this mission through the implementation of exchange programs for high school students - both American and international - and trainee and internship programs for university students/young professionals. This blog space is meant to continue the conversation on the value of education through experience - more specifically the experience of study abroad. There will be guest blogs here as well as announcements of resources for students, parents and teachers to learn more about study abroad and the global perspective.

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Student of the Week (7.04.16): Chan from South Korea!

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Chan from South Korea (7.4.16)

Congratulations to our Student of the Week: Chan from South Korea!

Our experience with Chan has been so amazing. This is our first year hosting and Chan has totally captured our hearts. He is an excellent kid who goes far in everything he does. He has received many awards, such as perfect attendance, and scholar athlete. I believe he is a perfect example of everything CETUSA stands for. We will miss him and look forward to keeping in touch with him.

Chan says his favorite experience in America was the surprise birthday party we threw for him. Around 60 people showed up to surprise and celebrate with him. It took him 30 minutes to come out of shock!

He was most surprised by how Americans talk to strangers. He laughed and said he is probably going to go back home and talk to all of the strangers. He also said that Art class has been his favorite, and he hopes to study something in the line of Art at a University. He has already had people offering to buy his art!

Student of the Week (6.27.16): Wuwei from China!

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Wuwei from China

Congratulations to our Student of the Week:  Wuwei from China!

We had such a blast with Wuwei and made so many precious memories.  Not for one second did he feel like a stranger.  I never wished he would leave or say “I can’t wait until he goes home” – he was home. Wuwei told us that in China, it is not normal to say “I love you” to your family, and he said he was excited to take that habit home with him.

He was so kind and funny, the best natured kid I’ve ever met.  He found such a friend and role model in my husband.  They went to work out together every single night, and Wuwei would sit in the living room, waiting for him.

I was very sick while he was here, and he took the best care of me.  There are so many stories, laughs, and memories that I could never, ever put a price on. He is truly 1 in 1.4 billion.

Student of the Week (6.20.16): Ian from South Korea!

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Ian from South Korea

Congratulations to our Student of the Week, Ian from South Korea!

Ian is such a huge asset to our family. Having three young children in the home can be challenging for teens, but Ian has been amazing with each of them. He plays and reads and laughs with them. He does anything that we ever ask of him, including being the only teen willing to dress up in a dog suit and play with the kids at our church Easter Egg Hunt. He has always put family first, choosing to make family time a priority over friends. Having him here with us has improved our quality of life and I can only hope that he has enjoyed his time here with us as much as we have enjoyed our time with him. He played soccer and basketball this year, and watching him has been so much fun. He is just the greatest!

Ian says his favorite memory from his time here was when they went on a cruise because he had never been on one before.

Students of the Week (6.13.16): Line from Denmark and Yuki from Brazil

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SOW 6.13.16

Line says, “My favorite things about here are that I get to see how different this country is from my own. I thought American food was fast food, but I found out that’s not true, and I love real American food. I like the people here and their attitude. To me, it’s interesting, different, and exciting. I enjoyed watching American sports like football, baseball, and basketball, which we know about but don’t play at home.

My absolute favorite was getting to travel and see so many different landscapes, people, cultures, and cities! We went to New York, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Galveston, Shreveport, Oklahoma, and many small cities. I absolutely loved it! I love the quote ‘don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game’ because it tells you don’t stop when things get hard.

I saw and experienced so many different things! I got to meet great people and made great friends that I hope I’ll stay in contact with for the rest of my life. This experience has truly been amazing and I learned a lot about the country, people, culture, and religions, and learned about myself. This time has been more than I could ever imagine and I’m so grateful for it. Yuki and I have fun memories, she is my best friend and like a sister to me. She is always there for me and is an amazing person. We went shopping, sat at breakfast together at school, played sing-star at night, and planned our outfits for school. Every memory has been so good that I cannot pick a favorite.”

Yuki says, “This year was really important to me. I’ve met incredible people that I’ll definitely keep in touch with when I go home. I traveled a lot through Texas. It’s been very fun to live with my host family and going to an American school.”

Their host mom says, “The girls were a great inspiration and were there for me whenever I needed them. They loved spaghetti sauce and wanted it all the time. They made a curry and meatball dish as well as a cheese bread for us to try. The best memory was when Yuki’s father got to watch her graduate and walk the stage via Facebook video on the IPad.”


Student of the Week (6.6.16): Tian from China!

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Tian from China!

Tian won first place in Regionals in Piano and also went to State Regionals.  He was also in the Jazz band. He is very intelligent and talkative, he loves to discuss everything about Chinese history.  One of his favorite memories is when he went to watch the Dallas Mavs play against the California Stars because the Stars are his favorite team.  Another favorite memory is when he got to play piano for the State Regionals.  When he first came to the states he went by “Kobe” after Kobe Bryant who was his idol.  He later watched the Fast and the Furious movies and then decided he wanted to go by “Dom” after the character Dominic Toretto in the movies.